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Birkin Flares Sewing Pattern



Inspired by the style of 1970s fashion icon Jane Birkin, the Birkin Flares feature a high waist, trim fit to the knees and a fashion-forward, flared leg. The Birkin Flares work wonders on all figures and make even the puniest of bottoms look fantastic (ask me how I know!).  Tall or short, thin or curvy, somewhere in the middle…I haven’t seen anyone who doesn’t look great in these jeans!

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This pattern comes in waist sizes 24-35 and is suitable for the intermediate sewist. (Jeans are NOT hard to sew, and I’ll help you through the tricky parts! Promise!)

READ BEFORE PURCHASING! After paying for your pattern, you will be directed to a page where you can download the files in a zipped folder. You will also be emailed a link for download. Once you have accessed the link, you will only have 24 HOURS to access it again. I am getting multiple emails a day from customers asking me to re-send the files, and as much as I wish I had a dedicated customer service team, I do not. I have three small children at home and cannot always respond to emails promptly. Please, PLEASE save your files immediately after purchase. Please also note that there are three files which are delivered in a zip file. I recommend you access these on a computer and not a mobile device.

Fabric Requirements

  • Pocketing All sizes/widths: ¼ yard
  • Main Fabric 45” Fabric All sizes: 3 yards
  • 54”-60” Fabric* Sizes 24-27: 2 ¼ yardsSizes 28-31: 2 ½ yardsSizes 32-35: 2 ¾ yards

*The estimates above are generous. Some testers with very wide fabric used only 2 yards. 

Pattern Features

  • Print-at-home AND copy shop (36″-wide) versions included
  • Layered pattern tiles (on the print-at-home version AND the copy shop version) so you can print only the sizes you want. This pattern has a lot of lines that cross, so using the layers function on either version is essential to cutting your pieces properly!
  • Fully illustrated and easy-to-understand instructions
  • Schematic diagrams with comprehensive garment measurements so you can easily customize the fit
  • Professionally graded, colored (print-at-home only) and dashed size lines

Note: You are purchasing a digital PDF sewing pattern. You will receive a download link on your screen and in your email inbox after completing your purchase. Please check your spam/promotion/social folders before contacting me regarding pattern delivery!

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