Paper Dahl

October 2014


Woohoo, I’m off sabbatical! And I’m releasing a new pattern today! Isn’t it all just so EXCITING?! Introducing the SYRAH Skirt by Selvage Designs: It’s a maxi skirt (or a maxi-hi-lo, or a knee-length skirt) with a side-ruched OR flat waistband and…wait for it…a built-in slip for extra coverage! And no waistband elastic to dig and cause discomfort! It’s pretty much everything you could every want in a comfortable, everyday skirt. I absolutely LOVE the built-in slip so I can use those thinner (but usually more awesome) fabrics and not worry about the dreaded panty-show-through effect! Here are all the options from which you can choose: And here’s a closeup photo. I’m modeling the ruched-side version. I love the slimming effect this version has. And since the ruching is only on the sides (flat front/back), there’s virtually no bulk added. This is my oh-my-god-why-are-these-hikers-staring-at-me-while-I-take-photos-of-myself pose. It really never gets any…